Emergency broadcast network truck

The "Emergency Broadcast Network" mobile projection vehicle.

Political remix video is part of a long-standing tradition of cultural resistance. In political remix, film/video/sound from mainstream media is appropriated and reworked in order to "denature, detourn, or recontextualize" the material.

With the arrival of digital media, vast archives of material have become readily available to those with the technology to access them. These archives, alongside the distribution channels of the internet, have made it possible to create and share political remixes on an unprecedented scale.

Political remixes can be irreverent, disturbing, comic, cynical, and/or downright foolish - the range is as broad as the voices of those equipped to "speak back" to mainstream media in this fashion. The question remains, however: who is listening?

"Untapped Energy" -Chevron:

"Tapping Human Energy" – "Lyonspotter":

McIntosh: “Share Life: Iraq Tour”

Situationist René Viénet's 1973 “Can dialectics break bricks”?

“Planet of the Arabs”

“Saturday Morning” - Wreck and Salvage

Julia Gillard's “Moving Forward”, remixed:

EBN - "We Will Rock You" George Bush Sr. remixed:


"The literary and artistic heritage of humanity should be used for partisan propaganda purposes" -- Debord and Wolman

Interview with Stephen Mears, political remix creator:

Some of the above videos, and quite a few more political remixes can be found on

Potentially offensive remix, depending on who you are and where you're from - "SEXTAPE - 'The View' Remix": Contrast with this clip from mainstream American news: And if you still can't spot the controversial material, you can read the heated comments on the remix at

A hotly debated point of contention among film music geeks is the remixing of older classical music compositions in contemporary film scores, as well as the intertextual similarities between contemporary film compositions. Some examples: It's the Same Music! and It's still the same music!