A sequel is defined on as:Edit

1. A literary work, movie, etc., that is complete in itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work.

2. An event or circumstance following something' subsequent course of affairs.

3. A result, consequence, or inference

Example: Aliens Quadrology and Prometheus

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Titanic: The Sequell This is a great example of many different versions of Remixable Media: sample, influence, mash-up, and a re-make, in order to create an unofficial sequel of mainstream blockbuster "Titanic."

The sequel of "Twilight":New Moon (Trailer):

The sequel of 'Aliens' : Prometheus by Ridley Scott (Trailer) can be found in videos section.

Scarlett: This is a literary work of the sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.

Another example for a sequel is J.M. Coetzee's novel Foe. The title clearly refers to Daniel Defoe and his work Robinson Crusoe. This novel is a sequel to Robinson Crusoe as the story's main character, Susan Barlow, meets the original characters Robinson Crusoe ('Cruso') and his companion Friday when she, too, becomes a castaway on the same island as the two. This novel alters the original story by adding the female character Susan but also abides to much of the original story. 

[ Fanfic Sequel of A Labyrinth ( Jim Henson movie, 1986, starring David Bowie) ]

The Dark Knigth. This is a great sequel of Batman adventures. Heath Ledger gave a fantastic interpretation to the Joker, since Jack Nicholson's in Batman 1989. Comic book story universes are master illustrations of how sequels can expand narratives into Story Universes.

Titanic The Sequel

Titanic The Sequel